Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Latest Trends in Travel

Travel Trends & Destinations You Can't Ignore
Today's travel is unique - it's not like you're travel of old. First of all - it's fun to go to new places...Have you thought of these travel destinations?

(1) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico ... what can I say, it's fun, fun, fun; the airfare is cheap, the hotel rooms (in the right hotel) are beautiful and within reason, and travel from the U.S. is pretty simple. For nude or topless sunbathing check out Westin Beach, Twin Dolphin Beach, and Playa San Pedro: (2) Cancun ... travel to beautiful Cancun and enjoy beautiful blue ocean - it will take your breath away, or visit some historic pyramids - either way, relax or explore, you'll love it. Plus did I mention topless beaches? Check out the Blue Bay Resort and the Desire Resort; (3) Jamaica... traveling from the airport to your hotel destination may not be easy, but it's interesting (especially the stops along the way)...Once you're at your hotel, there are so many fun things to do - ride horses along the beach, travel to the beautiful waterfalls, or just sit and be lazy on the beach. For nude or topless beaches, check out the Super Clubs resorts (Hedonism II, Hedonism III, Grand Lido Braco, and Grand Lido Negril)

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